Get Started

The Cauldron Kitchen is dedicated to make your experience at our facility a positive one. We are looking for passionate clients who understand that working in a shared space is a privilege. We want the Cauldron to simmer with community building and food culture know-how. Our facility is designed to foster collaboration, insight, innovation, and good lookin’ tastin’ smellin’ food.

Application Process

This page will detail the ins and outs of the application process. We believe that signing up to work in the Cauldron should not be difficult, however, we do want you to follow our detailed recipe to make the process seamless.


The Rules and Regulations of the Cauldron Kitchen. This is our goto book on our obligations to you, your obligations to us and to the community. Please refer to this Handbook for all your questions first. If something is not there, please contact us with your inquires or concerns.

Booking Information

This is the link to the booking portal we are using. If you have any questions, please refer to the booking section in the Handbook and follow the instructions. Recall, that booking is a first come first serve exercise depending on your subscription level.

Ottawa Public Health Food Handlers Course

All of The Cauldron’s Kitchen commercial clients need to have a food handler’s certificate. We encourage you to visit the City’s website to register for the course if you have not taken it yet.¬†Course Website