The Cauldron Kitchen is a shared commercial kitchen available for rent by the hour. We are proud to share our kitchen with Ottawa’s growing food community. Learn how we can make your culinary dreams come true. 



The Cauldron Kitchen is about community. The cauldron is a symbol for the village cauldron where the villagers come to make food together, each bringing their own skills, tastes, and innovation. At The Cauldron Kitchen, we aim to provide a space for food ideas to grow and mature. We want to help grow a sustainable food culture in Ottawa, by providing the space for food starts-ups, established food businesses, and private citizens to create and prepare delicious food.

The Cauldron Kitchen Inc., is a partnership between David and Dave. David is an energy engineer with a keen sense of opportunity, while Dave is a seasoned food veteran, and co-owner of a successful craft butcher shop and delicatessen, The Piggy Market. Together, they cooked up this concept and plowed ahead to build this shared commercial kitchen business. Their passion lies with the desire to see good food on the table and on the street. It is their wish to see The Cauldron Kitchen bubble into a thriving food community. Come join us and stir a while at The Cauldron.

Our Kitchens

The Cauldron is host to one commercial kitchen. The kitchen is approximately 150 square feet with all the basic equipment at hands reach.

Our second space is a bakery kitchen of 150 square feet. Stainless steel tables, refrigerated table and a separate convection oven.

Our third space is a small are Prep/Assembly area of 50 square feet. This space has tables and work surfaces to use for packing, decorating, and other non-kitchen activities. This space includes our Blast Chiller, a unique piece of equipment to very quickly freeze food.

At The Cauldron we strived to design the kitchen space to maximize your productivity. The stainless steel tables can be moved around into several configurations to fit your needs. As well, feel free to book all the kitchens at one time for those big jobs. Storage bins are provided to subscribers for their dry goods and equipment. Refrigeration and freezer storage are available too.

Maintaining a clean kitchen is a priority for The Cauldron. Our clients are required to hold a high standard, since each of them benefits from arriving to work at a clean kitchen. Cleaning supplies are provided, you just need to do your dishes and clean up after yourself.

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