Throwback Thursday – Why Ottawa needs a shared commercial kitchen Part 3

Happy Thursday! Here we are again to throwback some points about why Ottawa needs a shared commercial kitchen. You saw the construction progress photos. Now you all need to think about using the services we are providing.

Here are the reasons why:

Reason #5: Street food cart commissary. Ottawa’s growing street food scene is a hot trend. These small businesses utilize commercial kitchens to prepare their food before bringing it to the street to serve. The Cauldron Kitchen Inc is a haven for a food cart business.

Reason #7: A growing capable industry. A recent study in the US surveyed over 44 shared commercial kitchens. Their snapshot discovered a vibrant industry creating many opportunities for their communities. Check out the study and see all the pretty graphs:

Reason #10: Street Food Truck Commissary. As we mentioned with the food carts, we have room for food trucks too. The Cauldron Kitchen Inc has a bonus for food trucks: electricity-charging parking. Yes, we can power you up as you work in our kitchen. Contact us, because these spots are hot!

Give us a call to book a tour of our facility. As well, send in your application to reserve your spot.


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