We Have Heat!

Good news everyone. We have secured our location for The Cauldron Kitchen. We are very excited to begin the fit up of the space. We are still aiming to open our doors to chefs and culinary artists by April 2014. This blog will be the main source of info-progress as we get closer to opening day.

Let me tell you a little bit about The Cauldron’s home. The location is on Lola Street, near the baseball stadium on Coventry Road. This location is ideal because it is very close to the Vanier-417 exit. As well, if you follow the Vanier north, you can reach downtown in less than 10 minutes. Access to Highway 417 was important for us, since it opens up the city for great East-West access. We hope our clients will be impressed. Map

Inside the space is still under design. We continue to design for three kitchens, for a large walk-in cooler, for a dish-pit with a pot and pan dishwasher, and some nice perks. Our equipment list is on the website and if you are interested in joining The Cauldron Kitchen please contact us. We would love to hear from you and to know how your food business would benefit from a rentable commercial kitchen.

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