Update: Detroit Soul Food experience

soul food on display
Detroit Soul Food: Chicken and Waffles, and delicious deep fried cookies.
Ghost restaurant in full action
Chef LeRoy in full swing

The Cauldron welcomed Detroit Soul Food this morning. Now we report the experience.

David visited Detroit Soul Food in action and found the crew to be in good spirits serving Ottawa on this snowy Valentine’s Day. The UberEATS iPad dinged and Detroit Soul Food sprung to action. Within 10 mins, the food was ready and everyone waited for the specialized driver to arrive. The driver had a unique UberEATS bag which he filled with the order. He double checked the name on his phone with the name on the iPad and walked out into the snow. Chef LeRoy smiled and crossed his fingers. He hoped that his food was delivered safely and that the customers were impressed. Day One.

Detroit Soul Food… Tuesday to Saturday 7 pm to 11:30 pm… on the UberEATS app.

David did buy some southern-style deep fried chicken and biscuits… they were finger-licking good!!!!!!! I highly recommend it!

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