Getting Started – Applying to use The Cauldron Kitchen

Update: This weekend we watched the walls, plumbing and electrical get tossed into The Cauldron. The water is rising to a hot simmer and things are smelling good. We soon will post some photos to show what is cookin’ at The Cauldron Kitchen!

The Cauldron Kitchen’s application process is an important aspect of getting your business into our kitchens. The questions are rather simple and they help us understand your needs. We have met a few of you already, to learn about you and what interests you in our commercial kitchen. Some of you have been lucky to even get the construction-phase tour. All of this is part of our application process.

Using a shared commercial kitchen is a rather unique experience. Everyone involved should understand that working together makes the kitchen better and cheaper. Respect and collaboration are some of the important values that all of The Cauldron’s clients will uphold. We want the best for our clients and by getting to know each of you will help us, help you. This is why the application process is important.

The first few pages of the application process are a description of what we are offering and the obligations you will have as a client. It is important that you understand what is written so we understand that you know what you are getting into. If you have any questions on anything, please contact us. We are here to help.

UPDATE: Do not be afraid of the processing fee. When we meet with you, we can discuss this in detail. Just apply and get yourself in line!

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