Equipment Review Part 3: A Gas Fryer… mmm… greasy food!

The gas fryer: A standard piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen. Yes, The Cauldron will have a 40 lbs unit ready to fry the bejeezus out of any food item you put inside. The 40 lbs means we will have 40 lbs of grease swimming around waiting for that tasty vegetable to drop in to coat it in delicious lard at a high temperature.

With hot oil, safety is a major concern and it will be imperative that any user of the gas fryer be properly trained. Trained to not only use it, but to clean it as well. We most likely will have a strict cleaning schedule depending on its use. At times, the fryer will be emptied and we will collect the fryer fats. I have heard of these bio-diesel companies paying for the collection of hot oil fats and so we will investigate if this is viable for The Cauldron. In the meantime, if you are thinking of using our gas fryer, read up on the simple steps on cleaning a gas fryer.

Since we are in a shared commercial kitchen, this means that after your shift with the gas fryer, you will be required to at least drain and filter the oil, then scrub the machine. Then the oil will go back into the fryer for the next person to use. We will assess if the oil needs replacing at the time and make recommendations. It would be best if you want to use the gas fryer, to inform us a few days before and we will have things prepared for your shift.

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