Food Year 2016 – We wishing you the best!

Hello World of 2016.

What a good sounding sci-fi year. We are living in extraordinary times and we are never far away from our imagined future. In terms of food future, the jury is still out with a judgement on what we put on our tables to eat. Will 3D printed food become a staple in our pantry?

illustrations of a table full of plates showing odd shapes and sizes of different food items. nothing looks normal, especially the insects skewered.
Future of Food by Adam Hayes. Double-page illustration for luxury magazine CANDY depicting the future of food, where chefs mix gastronomy with science, religious art and insects.

My future food trends are as follows: higher food prices, more local production, weird weather, more fusion plates, water shortages, and new food businesses catering to unique tastes and services.

This is where The Cauldron Kitchen wants to help. When food becomes expensive, then people become more inventive. When local access becomes a need, then people search to what they can reach easily. When weather affects our yields, then we waste less and use more. When tastes become varied, then creativity burgeons. When water becomes scarce, we squeeze more from little. When new food businesses sprout, the Cauldron Kitchen nourishes.

Soon our kitchen will bring to Ottawa a unique opportunity to embrace the future. We are future proof, because you still need to eat and our clients will want to feed you!

(Update on construction: Inspections, inspections, and more inspections. Over the holidays, we were inspected for building code compliance many many many many many many times. We really are under a microscope and no one is making it easy!)

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