Incubate Your Ideas

Every Spring, the kindergarten class in my son’s school receives a few dozen fertilized eggs to incubate in the classroom. Over the next few weeks, the kids watch the warm incubator turn the eggs learning about what is going on inside the egg. Eventually, hatching day happens and the chicks pop their heads out to the joyful cheers of 5 year-old’s.

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Chicken incubation image

Starting a business is analogous to the incubation and hatching process in nature. We at the Cauldron Kitchen definitely feel like spring chickens trying to figure out our business of making Ottawa a creative culinary city. Consequently, UberEATS hatched last week their delivery service, making a new connection between customers and restaurants. By providing a platform of distributing food, food businesses can take advantage of the transportation infrastructure Uber creates to get local cuisine at your doorstep.

Similarly, food businesses knocking on The Cauldron Kitchen’s doorstep can enter into our incubator. We provide the infrastructure to process food as well as a support network. This support network includes business consultations, menu development, supplier info, and taste testing. Small food businesses can slowing grow knowing they are in a safe and innovative place. A place boiling over with potential for all kinds of food business ideas.

Contact us to discuss your food ideas and how The Cauldron Kitchen can help your business hatch.


Cauldron Events:

Thursday, May 19th, 6 pm, Cauldron Food School – Chicken Cutting 101 class. Our most popular class because it is soooo useful and a lot of fun to wield a knife against the chicken. Sign up here

Monday, May 30th, 6 pm, Chef Meet Up – We are screening Michael Pollen’s Cooked documentary series. Film starts at 7 pm. Snacks and drinks will be served.

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