Flashback – Why Ottawa needs a shared commercial kitchen…

Last year we had an incredible 30 day info-campaign to announce what our intentions were with The Cauldron Kitchen. Each day, we provided a reason why Ottawa needs a commercial kitchen. So today, we are going to revisit some of these reasons. The whole list can be found here.

Reason #3: Food chain gap closure. A shared commercial kitchen is also called micro-processor space. The Cauldron Kitchen Inc fills a gap for small businesses to bring their products to retail markets. A City of Edmonton study declared micro-processing space as the number 2 investment to enhance sustainable food culture in a city. This is after investing in greenhouses. http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/documents/FRESH_October_2012.pdf See their food strategy: http://youtu.be/2RxPmgoW1s0

Reason #12: Value-Added Produce. Farmers selling produce at a market can only sell the prettiest looking produce. The uglier produce is still nutritious, but no one buys it. So what is a farmer supposed to do with it? They can bring it to The Cauldron Kitchen Inc to process into prepared foods and additionally sell it to a retail market.

Reason #19: Unique Location. The Cauldron Kitchen has a very desirable locale. We are in a prime spot with easy access to the 417 highway. As well, we are about 8 mins away from Downtown Ottawa, using the Vanier Parkway. We searched for a long time to find this type of place. Some other unique features include the parking for food truck charging, the loading dock for deliveries, and the size of the place for a start-up business. The ceilings are high and because we are an end unit, we are able to use the outside wall for venting. All of these things are a bonus.

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