Friendly Update – Yes, You are worth it!

Construction has been in the works for more than two weeks!

We are so excited to have the project move forward and to have all you lovely food businesses stirring the Cauldron with wonderful smells and delicious morsels. Our efforts to chop the paperwork, dice the financing, and julienne the construction plans have not been easy. We are relieved to get the Cauldron to this point and we are turning on the heat to make it boil over for Ottawa’s food industry.

Our commitment to growing a food hub and giving Ottawa a prime location to make culinary dreams come true is still on the table. We thrive on meeting people with wonderful ideas. We are inspired by how they are developing their businesses. Please contact us and talk to us about your plans. We like talking about our services and how we can help.

Currently in our space, the floor drains have been installed and all the plumbing should be completed by the end of this week! It is quite the job, but we have a great team making The Cauldron Kitchen a reality. Our construction team tells us that that we could be operational in early November, which is really great. I wish them the best of luck and smooth planning and constructing.

In the meantime, we are taking applications and preparing the reservation system for kitchen booking. We will write more about this later, but now it is up to you to get your applications in.

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