Equipment Review Part 2: Steam Oven

Vapour! The properties of steam are extensive. Steam has power to move trains, turbines, and tugboats! High pressure and heat create a unique form of water power which has been harnessed for the last 300 years. Our ability to control steam and use it for many uses is a technological feat that contributed to our social and cultural development.

Steam is also a very old and important tool in the kitchen. This is why The Cauldron Kitchen is installing a Steam Oven for clients to use. We are excited to have this piece of equipment in our kitchen and you as the client should take advantage of it.

Fast cooking, efficient heat through the food, moisture to the food, chewy and crispy crusts, aldente pasta, and many other benefits. I am sure you will be able to come up with other ideas to use the Steam Oven. Why don’t you tell us in the comments below.

The Cauldron Kitchen’s Steam Oven will sit in our main kitchen underneath the hood vent. Renting the main kitchen will give you access to the Steam Oven. To rent the main kitchen you need to fill out our application form. Filling out the form will open a door to the many opportunities available at The Cauldron Kitchen. We want you to harness the power of vapour to make your food and business a steaming success!

Contact us for more information.

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