Equipment Review Part 1. The Blast Chiller…

Have you every heard of laser engines? There is this company in Montreal that manufactures these devices called Fiber Bragg Grating Tech, that manipulate the laser signal to precisely control it to either gain strength or multiply itself. Essentially boosting the laser signal, blasting it like a rocket!

At The Cauldron Kitchen, we are not going to have FBG technology. We think it is too expensive and it will probably blind someone. It is unacceptable to have that kind of liability. So, instead we are going to install a Blast Chiller!!!

Yes, you will be able to blast the crap out of food with cold air. The Blast Chiller is a unique piece that freezes food in minutes rather than hours. It concentrates cold air into fine laser-like beams and shoots them over your freshly harvested and prepared carrots, broccoli, corn, potatoes, chard, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, cukes, zuccs, yams, asparagus, celery, rhubarb, cauliflower, endives, eggplant, squash, pumpkin, green beans, and/or peas. Not to mention, if you get a crate of fruit, like currants, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, cherries, pears, melons, pineapple, and/or mangos, you can prepare these fruits in The Cauldron Kitchen and then BLAST them frozen to use another day!

Yes, The Cauldron Kitchen is high tech. We are here to provide you with the right tools for your high tech food needs. Send us an email with your questions about our equipment and how to use our kitchen. Think about your future food needs and register your food business with us.

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