Instructions for Scrubbing the Cauldron

Public health is everyone’s business. Especially in the food service industry.

Today, some of the Cauldron Staff attended The City of Ottawa’s Food Handling course to certify ourselves to understand the law regarding public health and safety. The course is offered frequently to the many occupations that need this certification as a mandatory requirement for the job. The Cauldron Kitchen will also require this of its clients as it is an integral part in understanding the issues related to food safety and maintaining a clean premise.

The major lessons learned during this course relate to the equipment that clients will need to ensure their product meets the highest quality in safety. Public Inspectors are very observant and they notice all kinds of things. For example, maintaining the temperature of the coolers is very very very important. Inspectors take it very seriously and the fines are hefty. Did you know it is a $250 fine if they find utensils or some pan in the hand washing sink.

Responsibilities of the Cauldron Kitchen and of each client will be carefully detailed and understood by each. It is important that each client knows their responsibilities and for what things they are liable for. The Cauldron Kitchen will provide the necessary tools and equipment for each client to meet public health certification. However, the quality of the food will be all on the client to ensure it meets the health standards.

We will be there to help, and we believe even hosting these health education courses at our site can be very beneficial to all our clients and potential clients.

P.S. An update on the status of The Cauldron Kitchen. We are delayed because of some lease negotiations with our landlord. The negotiations are finished and we await for the final response. In the meantime, several other potential clients have signed our Letter of Intent. Thank you!

If you are keen on joining the Cauldron, we encourage you to sign it and send it to us as it gives you seniority when reserving your time.

As always, we encourage your questions and ideas. Please continue to send us your inquiries.


2 thoughts on “Instructions for Scrubbing the Cauldron

  1. Any chance the location will be able to support gluten free preparation? I know it may be a crazy question given the number of people interested in using the space, but if there are different rooms, maybe it would work.

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thank you for your question. We have thought about a gluten-free space, however we decided to be more inclusive and not restrict any type of allergen cooking/baking. Our kitchen design is based on an open kitchen and therefore any type of gluten would definitely escape to “contaminate” the other kitchens.



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