Checking the Temperature of the Cauldron

Wow… we have reached May.

So obviously lots of people are wondering how are things going with the development of The Cauldron Kitchen. Well, here is a run down of some events and milestones we reached:

  1. Secured a lease in February of a great location. A lot of people have come around to view the place and everyone came out of it excited.
  2. Secured our insurance. We got a good deal and we are fully insured for all the shenanigans that will happen in the Cauldron.
  3. We finalized our design for the space and everything seems decent enough that the City of Ottawa issued us a building permit.
  4. Started a crowd funding campaign in which we produced our own video and did a big publicity campaign to get people to understand the business.
  5. Ended a crowd funding campaign with mixed results. See our other blog post to know more details.
  6. Secured over $40K in start up investments. This INVALUABLE cash helped bring us come to this point. A BIG thank you to those early believers.
  7. Hosted an information night where we had over 15 food businesses show up to learn about our plans and to tour our virtual kitchen.
  8. To date, we have received over 32 unique emails from food businesses asking about our kitchen. The questions range from opening day to rental rates to storage capacity.
  9. From all these inquires, several food businesses have signed our Letter of Intent. These businesses are committed to start once we are operating and as a bonus will have seniority when booking their kitchen reservations. There is no upfront cash commitment. Just so you know, this helps us leverage investors to our cause. Hint Hint!!
  10. Received some great publicity from Apt613 website. The article can be found here. We are very grateful of all the love, re-tweets, mentions, shares, and likes. Keep it up.

What are our plans in the near future: Investor Hunting!

As stated in the Apt613 article, we are looking for a lead investor to drive the bus to foodie paradise. We have an attractive term sheet for investors, which we can discuss in a personal meeting. Send us an email to arrange a tour.

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