Happy New Year – 2015 is here?!?!

Hello loyal and patient patrons!

Happy New Year to all.

Here we are in 2015. The developments for the Cauldron Kitchen are still in pre-construction phase. I know, it seems like we should of opened by now, however, we got a very unfortunate Christmas present.

Our building permit application triggered a rather expensive charge which totally took us by surprise. We are in discussions with the City to figure this out, however, it is a barrier that is difficult to cross. Luckily, we have some good help and we are hoping for the best. I cannot offer details, since we want to keep things civil on this blog. However, once things clear up, I will be writing a lot about our construction experience.

Please keep your questions coming. Remember if you are interested in being a client of the Cauldron contact us as soon as you can. We would love to chat about your business needs. This gives us a better know-how of what we are to expect when the lid of the Cauldron opens up for everyone.

As we continue developing forward, we will be assessing our business model and making adjustments. As time passes, new challenges pop up and the unexpected requires us to find new ideas and be creative. Continue monitoring this blog for news updates.

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