Simmering, 95 deg C

Mmm…. the heat was turned up today at The Cauldron Kitchen. The water began to simmer with the bustle deep within. We had painters, tiles layers, pipe cutters, and electricians causing a vortex of activity. It was so exciting.

To top it off, we did several tours today to prospective clients. They walked through the Cauldron avoiding all the hot edges. We also had to compete with the buzzing cutting blade in our conversations. However, we received positive feedback and lots of great questions. I think they caught our vision and left with smiles on.

So here are a few pictures to whet your appetite. I know you will like them, especially if you do a flashback click.

fixtures installed with the white ceiling background
New lights!
ceiling paint job completed
Our oh so glorious new ceiling!

Remember to fill out our application to get yourself on the list. Click on the charcoal pen link

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