Cauldron Market Day -Proofing the dough

Cauldron Market Day is this Wednesday, and we could not be any more excited.

This Market Day is first about the clients that use Ottawa’s Premier Shared Commercial Kitchen. When we set up this space, we wanted to build a community. A community of like-minded entrepreneurs who value the shared economy. Cauldron Market Day is the representation of this community we are building and we want to celebrate its success.

Second, we want to celebrate the food that brings people together. Our wish is to expose our clients to new faces and to new markets. To share their hard work and culinary expertise with Ottawa. The products on sale at Market Day are all hand made with careful attention to detail and full of joy. Our clients take pride in their products and we think you will enjoy them.

Third, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. As a kitchen incubator, a lot of the clients at Market Day would have started from nothing but an idea and a special recipe. Their hard work will be on display and it gives us great joy to enable these entrepreneurial people to fulfill their business dream. Come and listen to their stories and how patience and perseverance lead an idea into reality.

Cauldron Market Day is Wednesday, November 16th, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Cauldron Market Day postcard
Cauldron Market Day postcard

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