Report: Local Food Systems and Entrepreneurship

Local food presentation

The Cauldron Kitchen was pleased to host a very special night of food entrepreneurship. We invited farmer extraordinaire Robin Turner of Roots and Shoots Farm to speak about the life of a food entrepreneur and how local food systems work. We filled our baking centre with chairs which were then in turned filled by Cauldronians, food entrepreneurs that use the Cauldron for its kitchen services.

Roots and Shoots Farm is a 8 year farm with a strong history in Ottawa’s local food movement. A mainstay in several farmer’s markets around the city and a 500+ person Community Supported Agriculture following, Roots and Shoots Farm has made a name for themselves. Robin talked about the journey to get there and commented on the barriers and hurdles he encountered. Robin also pointed out how to source local food directly from a farmer. This was of great interest from most of the audience looking to understand how to market local food for the quality and customer service.

The food entrepreneurs in the audience had lots of great questions and sometimes the floor opened for many voices to be heard in deep discourse. We discussed the ups and downs of food entrepreneurship and how to overcome some of the pitfalls. The entrepreneurs in the audience ranged from early development stage, to some months in business, to several years, to many many years in business.

Juicehead Juice, a Cauldronian, attended and donated a few bottles of his delicious juice that he developed right there in the Cauldron. As well, The Hemp Cookie Company. donated fresh cookies made that day to attendees. We thank you for your generous donation and fuelling our networking time.


We also thank the generous support of The Greenbelt Fund in making this night possible.


Exciting development:

Cauldron Christmas Market: Tuesday, December 19th, 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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