Temperature Rising – Water simmering

On February 1st, we became the proud renters of Unit 7 at 1155 Lola Street. Yes, we actually have keys to the unit and can walk in and out as we please. This is an exciting milestone since it took us a while to find this location. Now we are in the thick of design. Our space has been drawn by our kitchen consultants and we are currently waiting for stamped drawings from the engineer consultant. The plans look great. If you click in the Photo Gallery page, you can see a sneak peek at an artistic rendition of the Cauldron. We want to thank Mr. RvS for his wonderful contribution and we look forward to more of his art. 

In other news, we are developing an application for the Ontario Local Food Fund. For those foodies out their interested in creating food projects, I would suggest you take a look at this program. Here is the link to the guide book. We have great plans to use this Fund to promote local food micro-processing. You see, another name for The Cauldron is a micro-processing facility. We can also be called a kitchen incubator, or a commissary, or a shared commercial kitchen. Either way, it is very exciting to see the Province support food projects that will help strengthen our economy and food security. 

If you know of other projects or ideas on how to use the Fund, please comment below or send us an email. 


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