Community Support

This past week we launched our Indiegogo campaign. We are looking for community support to raise some funds for our extra nice to haves. Your contribution is matched by several difference perks we are offering.

We are excited to unveil in our low end perks the Cauldron keychain. This key chain is your ticket to all our future social events. When we host a party, your keychain is your ticket to our Kitchen Parties. We plan on hosting several parties a year to make our space a social community, as well as an entrepreneurial community.

We see The Cauldron Kitchen as a learning community too. Demand for culinary schooling is high and The Cauldron Kitchen is prepared for all those chef teachers to start. This is why we are offering educational passes to any food school events.

Our other perks include food from our clients. This one was a little tricky because we cannot guarantee what food is included in the Cauldron Delight food box. However, what we do guarantee is an exclusive taste from our very own clients. We will ask our clients to create something special for those that support us.  You can be assured that we will spare no delicious taste to bring you the best.

Our last perks are for kitchen time. This is prepaid kitchen time at a deep discount. We want the kitchen to be accessible to food business. If you know someone that could use kitchen time, sponsor them by buying prepaid kitchen time. As a side perk, we have special Cauldron Kitchen aprons that will accompany the prepaid hours.

So click on the following link to reach our campaign website. Supporting the Cauldron Kitchen is a vote for strong food culture, local food jobs, and a vibrant food community.

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