What is That? Part 4

Construction is almost finished!!!!!!! Today was fury of activity all commandeered by Dave. He steered the boat amid the tossing contractor waves of questions and requests. His determination was strong and his will ironclad. “Just get it done” was his motto.

Message from the Capt’n: Ahoy thar, food buzinezzezz. Prepar yer’selfs fore da maiden voyage of The Cauldron Kitchen! Call us. Email us. Fill’in an application. Das here ship, will set sail soon.

In our fourth installment of What is That?, we get a little deeper into the equipment. Several of you responded with correct answers to the gas pipe valve photo last time. Below is our next photo in our What is That ? series. Again, respond below with your answers.

an iron ring with several perforations where gas would seep out

2 thoughts on “What is That? Part 4

  1. Dear Cauldron Kitchen
    I think this is a close up of a gas burner (still secured for shipping with a cable tie)
    Amanda Walker

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