Bubbling Potential – Additional Functions


The Cauldron Kitchen is pleased to announce the following developments. These developments are exciting additions to the business with the strong intention of increasing the potential for creative culinary arts.

  1. The Cauldron Kitchen website was re-vamped with a new theme to get people a little more curious on some of our new initiatives. The two front and centre initiatives are the Cauldron Food School and the Cauldron Deli. Tell us what you think.
  2. The Cauldron Food School is pleased to have additional classes to offer. We will soon announce canning and preserving courses as well as a summertime class of Pitmaster, otherwise known as gourmet BBQing.
  3. The Cauldron Deli is officially a pop-up deli using the Cauldron Kitchen as the venue. We are looking for special guests to come and develop a small lunch menu to try at this pop-up venue. Send us an email if you are interested in trying some new lunch ideas.
  4. Our last announcement is to declare our Prep Space B officially as the Baking Centre. We are installing a convection oven in this space dedicated to bakery businesses. The space will still be $20 per hour with full access to this new addition. Come take a tour to discover how The Cauldron Baking Centre will benefit your business.

All of this bubbling activity is making the Cauldron hot hot hot. We are very excited to make this expansion and next week I will tell the story on how we made this opportunity happen. Until then, come by for lunch, sign up for the chicken cutting class and spread the word how The Cauldron is bubbling over with potential!

Prep Kitchen B stainless steel tables
The Cauldron Bake Centre – picture a new oven in the corner!


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