Summer Solstice – Exciting times

sunset at summer solstice - this is the darkest it gets that day
Summer Solstice sunset in Nunvaut

The longest days of the year are upon us and things are really moving along at The Cauldron Kitchen. June has been a busy month with several initiatives launched and many exciting things in the future. We are so excited to get deep into the summer cooking months and yes, we do have AC in the kitchen so drop by and take a cool tour.

We are so happy to announce a wonderful business joining the Cauldron Kitchen community. Savoury Pursuits, of farmer’s markets fame for their delicious meat pies, sold all over the Ottawa Valley. Savoury Pursuits is a bakery using our space for the long haul. They are moving out of a dark and damp basement kitchen to a glorious shiny Cauldron Baking Centre. With their oven in tow, they will be making their baked goods with a Cauldron seal of approval! We welcome them and wish them the best.

baking centre at the Cauldron Kitchen
The Cauldron Kitchen’s new baking centre

Adding new businesses to our community is always exciting and on top of that, we are adding a new sponsorship. The Cauldron Kitchen is donating kitchen-time for the Ecuadorian Fundraising Fest. The Ecuadorian community is coming together to raise awareness and relief funds supporting efforts in the aftermath of the April 2016 earthquake. The food organizers are coming to The Cauldron on July 8th and the event is being held on July 9th. Tickets are still available and it should be an exciting time with music, arts, crafts, and, of course, Food!!!! Food hailing from Las Andes is unique and savoury. We are happy to support this cause and please spread the word around.

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