Exploring their passion – My Family Table

two women working in a commercial kitchen
 Michelle and Taryn of My Family Table debuting their time in The Cauldron Kitchen.

The Cauldron Kitchen is again the place to start your new food business. Today, My Family Table is exploring the Cauldron to test their new plans for a food delivery service. The busy moms developed the business idea over playdates and park meetings. They were motivated to provide healthy food choices, not only for their own families, but for others.

Taryn and Michelle want to share their passion for food with others. They value the time spent sitting down and sharing food with family and friends. Family dinners, since they were young, fostered a love for preparing and eating good food. Having parents who inspired them helped and even today, Taryn’s father put in some time chopping and cleaning up.

Being in the kitchen is rather comforting, however, in a commercial kitchen, they were a little nervous at the start. With their plans written down and their eye on the clock, they tested their process. Today’s creations will go to their own homes for future meals. In the weeks to come they will create meals for other families, expecting feedback to refine their menus.

Their business plan aims for a start in September as they figure out all the requirements to adapt to their busy lives. Both women want to balance their career, family life and this new ambition. They know it takes careful planning and clear goals. So this first step in the Cauldron Kitchen is a giant step for them, one they hope launches them into the food industry.


If you have food business ideas, we would love to help. Contact us to get a tour of our beautiful kitchen.

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