Official Announcement – A Partnership of Kitchens

bottle of water with the Pure peace yoga logo
Pure Kitchen in The Cauldron Kitchen
The Cauldron Kitchen Inc and Pure Kitchen are pleased to announce: A Partnership of Kitchens. This partnership sprouted as Pure Kitchen is on #theroadtoelgin and looking for temporary kitchen space to continue their vegetarian restaurant operations.
Pure Kitchen, with their flagship restaurant in Westboro at 357 Richmond Rd is preparing to open a second location on Elgin Street, in the former Maxwell’s space. The Elgin St spot will be a quick service restaurant and bar with a production kitchen supporting the two restaurants. While renovations are in motion, Pure Kitchen will be using The Cauldron Kitchen’s shiny new commercial kitchen space to meet their growing demand for vegetarian culinary delights.
The Cauldron Kitchen is a shared commercial kitchen in Ottawa renting kitchen space for food businesses. By sharing the kitchen with multiple businesses, kitchen expenses are lower and predictable. This helps businesses focus on building their markets. The potential uses for The Cauldron Kitchen are unlimited. Having this resource in Ottawa is a mark of confidence for restaurants, chefs, farmers, caterers, food suppliers, and the public to be creative in the culinary arts.
We are excited to launch this partnership and we wish Pure Kitchen the best in their expansion.
Contact The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. for more information about their kitchens.

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