Springtime… Farmers prepare!

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Ahh… the first day of spring. The cycle of growth begins again and our local food system starts regenerating. Thousands of years ago, spring was the hardest season. The winter stores were dwindling, foraging was tough, and the animals had not yet returned. However, the potential for warmth and growth always created hope, hope for a new season of bounty.

At The Cauldron Kitchen, we too are seeing growth. The inquires to use our kitchen have been steadily coming in. We give several tours every week and businesses are starting to ramp up. One type of client we are excited to start in the Cauldron is our local farmer. Those men and women who toil in the fields, who cultivate delicious plants full of healthy vitamins. But, this produce needs to get to market, but how?

On Tuesday, March 29th, The Cauldron is hosting a Farmer’s Meet Up, an event to bring together the farming community to explore the uses of a commercial kitchen and how to expand your market. We will give tours, converse, and share food. The event starts at 3 pm until 7 pm at 1155 Lola St, Unit 7.

In the past, we wrote a lot about the potential of a shared commercial kitchen for the farmer. We have specialized equipment to freeze produce very quickly. We have space for canning and processing. We have appliances that make value-added products out of low value produce. It can all come together in The Cauldron Kitchen.

Invite your local farmer, and spread the word about this event. We hope to see you soon.

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