Cauldron Food School – Knife Skills Class

knife cutting parsley on a white cutting board
Learning to chop parsley at the Cauldron Food School Knife Skills class

Sharp knives chopping and hacking echoed through the halls of The Cauldron Kitchen last night. Our very own Dave Neil led last night’s Knife Skills 101 class with much enthusiasm. Our students received expert advice and were able to learn many techniques to make their culinary experience more efficient.

This class offers a variety of instruction and practice time, to learn exactly what the experts do in the kitchen. Each student, also went home with a beautiful knife and honing kit, processed veggies to use at home, and a belly full of bruschetta as an after-class snack.

The Cauldron Food School Knife Skills class is offered on the first Thursday of the month. Sign up for next month’s class or for others we offer.



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