Food and Music – A little story

Metric at Bluesfest, Ottawa, 2012
Bluesfest 2012 by White Mosaic Photography

The first weekend of Ottawa Bluesfest has come and gone. With the rain and thunderstorms holding the festival hostage, the crowd pressed on and music still rang through the valley. Near each stage is a green room, or a refreshment tent/trailer, where musicians, roadies, crews, and staff re-fuel for their day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the occasional snacks are all provided by a caterer. This year that caterer is Whose Catering, a firm from Toronto who bid for the rights to cater the green rooms.

Since Whose Catering is far from home, they contacted us, The Cauldron Kitchen for availability. Our kitchen was open for them to use everyday of the Ottawa Bluesfest Festival. They booked their time, and their staff come in really early in the morning to get the breakfast menu out the door by 8 am. Two chefs lead the days preparations and get the orders completed on time. Whose Catering has a delivery truck that takes the hot food to the rooms and volunteers serve the guests. Some menu items include sandwiches for 160 people, or baskets of fries for 80 people, etc. The Cauldron is bustling all day with food coming in, processed, and then delivered out to hungry musicians. One staff member was happy to be working the delivery shift last week. They met their favourite artist and so it made their day.

We at The Cauldron Kitchen are excited to be part of Ottawa’s big music event. Imagine, food made in our kitchen, feeds the musicians, who make the music! How cool is that!

We wish Whose Catering all the best serving the festival and to all of you music lovers good weather to enjoy the sweet melodies of summer.


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