Summer Soup Goodness – you too can lick the bowl

Cauldron Food School Soup class
A broccoli and chicken soup on a bed of rice!

The Cauldron was boiling with the taste of summer last night at our Cauldron Food School Summer Soup class. The Summer Soup making class was a big hit with students and their tastebuds. Our own Dave Neil instructed on how to make summer magic in a bowl. His attention to the seasonal produce lead him to journey to Rideau Pines Farm this week to select fresh ingredients for yesterday’s class.

Inspired by the crop of sour cherries, Dave pitted each one to teach how to make a really special soup. “I like this one for an appetizer. The sourness opens up the pallet,” explained the Chef Instructor Extraordinaire. You can also add more sweetness to make it into a dessert soup, things like ice cream, a side of cookie, or a biscotti. Mmm… whipped cream!!!!

The class continued and each student helped prepare the main course, a delicious Broccoli and Chicken soup. Even using the stem of the broccoli plant, the soup includes very simple ingredients to make a hearty soup. One student commented that it was rather filling for a soup, which makes it more like a meal than just a side dish. One nice addition is to pour the soup over a bed of rice. The rice can be cool, because the hot soup will warm it up and give it some texture. The pictures below can testify how tasty the soup was since I did not leave much in my bowl.

As always, students of the Cauldron Food School take the time to learn valuable kitchen skills, eat what they produce, and take home the leftovers. The success of this Summer Soup class is inspiring Dave and August’s class will be really special.

“What would people think of a seasonal gaspacho and a grilled red pepper chowder?”, he inquired. I say yes!

Join us at The Cauldron Food School for our Summer Soup series, Chicken Cutting, and canning workshops. Visit our website for dates and to sign up. Register on our online reservation system to secure your spot today. Why not bring a friend to learn together.

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