Psst… Listen to this… Marketing

Photo courtesy of White Mosaic Photography

Promotion and advertising is an important component in any business. There are many strategies that businesses can take to shout out to the world. Time and time again, one important strategy that seems to be effective is word of mouth.

Me telling you, you telling me, me telling them, them telling you, them telling me, and so on makes for verified information. People tend to trust what a friend/colleague/partner say about a service or a product. This is the premise of BMI Canada, where the Cauldron Kitchen experienced the power of personal referral marketing.

David was fortunate to receive an invitation by Cheryl Kennedy, owner of Orderly Conduct, who is also a member of the BMI Canada 212 chapter. Cheryl invited me to attend a breakfast meeting where the 212 Chapter meets weekly to learn about business marketing and to help each other with referrals. There were about 25 members and visitors at the breakfast (so yummy!) and the meeting was very organized. The agenda is the same every week with a different guest speaker providing a 20 minute presentation about their business. Essentially this fraternity is businesses learning from other businesses and they use this information to market their colleagues’ businesses. In this way the word of mouth marketing is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

David was able to share in a 40 second pitch to the group about the Cauldron Kitchen. He received a lot of attention afterwards and it is his hope that this network helps spread the word about our kitchen. Thank you again Cheryl for the invitation. Expanding our business network is always a pleasure.

EVENTS to note: We have Knife Skills class on August 4th and our first canning workshop on August 9th with Susan Jessup. As well, the kitchen is open for rentals.

Cauldron Food School student slicing mushrooms.
Cauldron Food School student slicing mushrooms.

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