Full Service – A Shared Catering Story

full service catering at the Cauldron
Canapes by The Cauldron Deli

We would like to announce an important milestone in the life of The Cauldron Kitchen. This week we joined the creative powers of three Cauldron Kitchen clients and our venerable Cauldron Deli chef to create a full shared catering service. It brings us great joy to see our food/kitchen hub work together to make an event highly successful and of course super delicious.

This week, one of our tenant neighbours requested catering services for an event celebrating the completion of construction of a house. RND Construction hired the Cauldron Deli to create a menu for a garden party which had over 75 visitors explore the new build. Our Cauldron Deli chef, Dave, looked no further than the amazing work that is being done in the Cauldron Kitchen to find exactly what was needed. Using our clients is truly the full power of our intentional food hub.

Sourcing veggie Jamaican patties from The Kneaded Kitchen was essential. Azura’s dedication and flavour for the exotic was a delicious touch. Tandoori Fusion included more exotic tastes along with their excellent sense of spice in their samosas. Savoury Pursuits added their wholesome fruit tarts to the mix to round the pallet off with sweetness. While the Cauldron Deli laid out the deli meat canapes and cheese boards to ensure guests had a complete meal.

The compliments and accolades for the food and service were heralded and our client-neighbour was deeply thankful and impressed.

If you or your organization are interested in feeling the cooperative power of our full service shared catering, please send us an email or call.

As well, if you have a food business and want to join our kitchen/food hub, these full service caterings are just a drop in the bucket of the benefits of being part of our community. Come visit us and take a tour to see the potential boiling over in The Cauldron Kitchen.

full service catering at the Cauldron
Veggie Jamaican Patties by The Kneaded Kitchen. Samosas by Tandoori Fusion
full service catering at the Cauldron
Delicious fruit tarts by Savoury Pursuits
full service catering at the Cauldron
Cheese board by The Cauldron Deli


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