Cooking up Future Food Entrepreneurs

Cauldron Photo - New Sign

The  Cauldron Kitchen is excited to launch The Cauldron Abecedarian Program. This is an entrepreneur incubator program to encourage abecedarians or novices to build a food business. The Cauldron is turning on the heat and wants to incubate new and exciting food ideas.

The Cauldron Abecedarian Program (CAP) is built for a new entrepreneur searching for a path to start a food business. The Cauldron Kitchen received a generous grant from the Ontario Greenbelt Fund to pilot the CAP. As well, The Cauldron Kitchen partnered with Invest Ottawa, and Savoury Pursuits, two wonderful local organizations, to produce this program. Therefore, we want to use the expertise and available funds to grow a new class of entrepreneurs.

The CAP is an incubator pilot program that constitutes entrepreneur classes, mentorship, instruction, and experimenting. The Cauldron is looking for enthusiastic new entrepreneurs who want to pursuit a business in the food industry. You do not have to have a business plan drafted, but you should have an idea of what you would like to pursue. Your food business could also be in its infancy and you want to learn more to improve its sustainability.  

Follow the link below to the application form. The application form is your first step to joining the program. The Cauldron will review all applications and select up to 3 to participate in the pilot program. Please fill out as much as you can to improve your application. The deadline is midnight April 21, 2017


If you have any questions, please email us.


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