Cauldron Food School’s Vegan Adventure

Last Thursday, the Cauldron Food School forayed into the wonderful world of vegan culinary arts. We had a special guest, Chef Rob McLeod, of Rob’s Vegan Kitchen, take on the fine details of this class.

Advertised as Hail Seitan! How to prepare and cook seitan, a versatile gluten-based meat subsitute. Rob took the five participants through a journey of vegan proportions. Each student had hands-on experience and took home a seitan loaf, a pot pie, and a large jar of vegetable stock. The students left with a brain full of exciting vegan possibilities and lunch for the next day. Thank you Rob for bringing vegan culinary arts to The Cauldron.

This was The Cauldron Food School’s first class of the new semester and we have so many more on offer. Visit our Events Page for details of dates and topics.

We offer 4 different course fee packages:

  • Our Sweetheart Deal: 2 students for $140 for one class
  • Our One and Only Deal: 1 student for $80 for one class
  • Our Double the Dosage Deal: 1 student for $150 for two classes ($75 each)
  • Our Triple the Treats Deal: 1 student for $210 for three classes ($70 each)

You can register at the Cauldron Food School Calendar of Events for each of the classes. Recall your registration is only confirmed once we receive payment.

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