The Cauldron’s First Client – Chocolate Labs

We are so pleased to have Chocolate Labs as our first client. The brainchild of 11 year old Philip, who has incredible aspirations to take on the baking world one cookie at a time. He contacted us wondering if The Cauldron was available, since he booked a vendor spot at the local Beechwood Market. We offered him the space and he and his family came packing with ingredients, kitchen gear, and big smiles.

What motivates Philip? Well, he loves to bake. He would rather toil in the kitchen than wrangle in the gym, or field. “I love baking then eating the food. It is just so yummy when you make it yourself.” said Philip.

Once he was independent enough to operate “the hot things” at home, Philip started to experiment. He would follow recipes, then change them to match his own tastes. Once in awhile his creations would become disasters, but not after learning much needed lessons.

Chocolate Labs is a family affair with Philip and mom, Barbera, leading the baking. Dad, Sean, is support staff with dish washing and marketing. While younger sister, Clara, samples the candy and provides marketing support for the booth tomorrow. Watching this family have fun in the kitchen is the exact type of spirit we encourage in The Cauldron. We are most fortunate to inaugurate the Cauldron with this type of collaboration.

The Cauldron Kitchen wishes Chocolate Labs all the best.


Tomorrow, Chocolate Labs will be at the Beechwood Market, so go out and buy his delicious banana bread, ginger cookies, and brownies. The Beechwood Market is open 10 am till 3 pm at 181 Barrette Ave.

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