Official Press Release – Open House Event Announcement

For Immediate Release.

The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is hosting an open house.

The Cauldron Kitchen is a new business concept in the Ottawa hospitality industry.  The Cauldron Kitchen’s focus is sharing (for a fee) their commercial kitchen to businesses requiring part time commercial kitchen use. In the spirit of the sharing economy, The Cauldron Kitchen’s resources enable Ottawa’s food and hospitality industry to start, grow, and innovate while keeping commercial kitchen use costs predictable. The Cauldron Kitchen Inc. is truly excited to be part of Ottawa’s burgeoning and thriving foodie scene. The Cauldron Kitchen wants the public to know that they are open for business.   

The open house is a two day event, on Friday, February 19, from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Saturday, February 20, from 10 am until 2 pm.  Any business or individual who is interested in touring the kitchen or learning more about the kitchen is welcome to attend.

The kitchen is located at 1155 Lola Street, Unit 7 near Ottawa’s baseball stadium on Coventry Road. For more information, please call Dave Neil, 613-796-7277, or David Villarroel, 613-261-1222.

Visit for more info on The Cauldron Kitchen Inc.

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