Cauldron Ideas – Gimme a second…

When we visit the grocery store or the market and walk down the aisles of the produce section, we are usually looking at the best the farmer can provide. The apples are shiny, the potatoes fat, the celery thick, and the carrots sharp. It is difficult to find an odd shaped veggie or fruit. It is difficult to find discoloured produce, things that maybe at first glance you would not even pick up. However, according to a United Nations study, there are lots of these weird shaped and coloured that do not make it into your grocery store.

Wait a second, these weird veggies, or seconds (as they call them in farmer terms) what happens to them? Well, they usually go back into compost or landfill. Yet, the food is still eatable and good for human consumption, but because it does not look good, then it just does not make it to a table near you.

At The Cauldron, we want those seconds to make it to tables. We want you to bring them, process them into lots of different things, like sauces and preserves and get them onto a table. If you want, you can freeze them quickly with our blast chiller. Whatever you want, The Cauldron Kitchen is there for all your processing needs. We have a commercial food processor to get you started. We soon are going to get a dehydrator to help make things last longer. If you need a particular piece of equipment to process your seconds, just call us.

We just want the food waste to stop!

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