The Restaurant Connection


Celebrating the latest Top 100 Restaurants in Canada announcement and the big Restaurant Canada show in Toronto, we at The Cauldron Kitchen are excited to support restaurants in Ottawa. Today, we describe how the Cauldron Kitchen can help the restaurant scene.

eat here neon signOttawa has an amazing number of restaurants that open and close each year. New ideas are constantly being generated and the Ottawa foodie scene is always up to try new food. What the Cauldron can do for you is jump start your food business by providing you a space to test your food ideas.

Imagine inviting a small group to eat and review your new and latest menu ideas. The Cauldron converts into a comfortable lounge with seating space for the lucky few.

Perhaps you are dreaming of a new menu item or developing a recipe and want to test the kitchen process to ensure the efficiency of the service. The Cauldron transforms into a laboratory with all the bells and whistles at your disposal.

Imagine you are looking for talent and want to put your prospects through some kitchen tests. The Cauldron molds into a Stainless Steel Gauntlet, proving grounds for cooks and chefs alike.

courtesy of google images. thanksPerhaps, your menu is in demand during restaurant service hours for a wedding, party, celebration, or significant event. The Cauldron morphs into a bustling catering kitchen to meet your customer’s demands on time, and at full flavour.

The Cauldron Kitchen is bursting with potential. Potential to make your restaurant a hit before opening day and beyond.

Call us to discuss your dreams and tell us what your imagination is brewing. We at The Cauldron are ready to boil over for your ideas.

EVENT NOTE: The Cauldron Kitchen is hosting a Chef Meet-Up on Monday, March 14 at 6 pm. This is an event where food industry pros get together to mix, stir, and bake ideas.

courtesy of google images. thanks

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