Kitchen Experiments -What to do with a delicious recipe?

banana bread
Banana bread by Triston

Last Thursday, The Cauldron Kitchen welcomed Triston to the kitchen. Triston has a passion for baking, inspired by his mother. With a special family recipe in hand, Triston took on commercial equipment and baked a bulk amount of banana bread. With little experience in a commercial kitchen, Triston wanted to experiment and learn about commercial baking. In the end, his experience was fruitful and he left with more ideas and a car full of steaming, delicious banana bread loafs. The Cauldron also had a sweet smell too.

Many people approach us and ask about using the kitchen to experiment. This is why we exist. Starting a baking business begins with a recipe that needs to be refined for a commercial kitchen. The equipment, the timing, the process needs several iterations to make sense of your time and effort. There are many efficiency gains in a commercial kitchen and this is why taking some time to use a commercial kitchen is valuable.

Better yet, join us for our Cauldron Food School courses. We have lots to offer and it is a great way to gain some experience using commercial equipment.

This week we have our Canning Workshop on Tuesday with Susan Jessup, where she will be showing how to can peaches and veggies. On Wednesday, we have our special gluten-free baking workshop with Sandra Spataro. She will teach the intricacies of gluten-free flours and how to handle them. Then on Thursday, we have our staple soup making class, where you learn about seasonal soup recipes.

Sign up with a friend or family member and come learn how to experiment with The Cauldron.

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