Spring Showers Bring New Clients


Spring tulips by White Mosaic Photography

The Cauldron Kitchen has seen a fury of activity these past couple of weeks. We are happy to announce the inclusion of several new businesses working feverishly from our kitchens.

Welcome Sweet Sigrid Nordic Bakery. This business has a new gig with the Main Street Farmer’s Market. This business bakes delicious Scandinavian baked goods like cinnamon rolls, Cardamom knots, cookies and cakes. They are enjoying their time in our baking centre.

Welcome Baccanalle. This catering business is a special gem in Ottawa. Winners of several chef awards, this Caribbean cuisine is sure to make your feet float towards the savoury smells coming from the Cauldron.

Welcome Contemporary Cuisine. Local produced hummus, and packaged salads are this business’ staple. You can find their products at your local food-supporter grocery stores. I did and I cleaned the bowl out.

Welcome NutriDirect. Healthy nutritious meals are important. NutriDirect helps take the edge of trying to make them happen. Delivered to your home, you are guaranteed to get what your body needs.

Welcome Bytown Bayou Louisiana Smokehouse Food Truck. Cruising around town with a smoker in the truck, their mouth-watering food will stop you at the sidewalk. They have a public spot in downtown Ottawa, so be sure to say hi and order their pulled pork.

As well, we ended our application process for the Cauldron Abecedarian Program. We are reviewing the many applications we received. We are excited to select a few to participate in the pilot project. Thank you to all who applied.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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