Find the Joints – Chicken Cutting 101


The Cauldron Food School’s debut class, Chicken Cutting 101 was a hit! Seven students lifted their knives and dove deep into chicken flesh. Butcher Dave gave his clear instructions and the students made Cauldron Food School history.

Cauldron Food School offers culinary skill classes to give you options for healthy living. We currently offer three classes: Chicken Cutting 101, Soup 101, and Knife Skills 101. Keep visiting our Cauldron Event website for class dates and times.

The Cauldron Kitchen is available for you to host your own culinary food classes. Our beautiful kitchen was designed with your educational needs. Contact us to tour and to be inspired.

Have a look at how much fun we had!


2 thoughts on “Find the Joints – Chicken Cutting 101

  1. It was tremendous pleasure to spend time with Dave learning virtuosity of chicken cutting. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. And the environment! The space that both Dave and David created will fit the needs of any professional chef. They thought through every part of the cooking process – from prepping the ingredients to storing the final products. I am very impressed with the guys professional and friendly interaction style as well as the set up of the Cauldron Kitchen for the co-working kitchen space.

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