Fall Flavours – Warm Soup for the Soul

With the change in the weather, you might be feeling the need for a little bit of comfort food. For October, the Cauldron Food School is proud to present our soup class theme: Fall Flavours. This class will focus on all the great tastes that come with autumn comfort food. On October 13th, just 3 days after Thanksgiving, Dave Neil will lead students in making two traditional Fall soups:

The Three Sisters Soup – This is a classic Native American soup, consisting of the “Three Sisters”: Squash, Corn, and Beans.  A completely vegan soup, Chef Dave Neil has been making this soup every Fall for the past 11 years.  As we cook up this extremely well balanced and nutritious (includes protein) soup, Dave will describe the tale of how these hearty and versatile plants became sisters.

Turkey Noodle – Most people after Thanksgiving will have leftover turkey bones sitting in a compost bag. This year, do not throw them away! Making a broth out of these bones will give you extra nourishment, boost your immunity, and stretch out the tasty leftovers for more weeks.  Chef Dave offers a basic introduction on stock making, and will delve into this ultimate comfort food and explain how to extract all the flavours with basic everyday ingredients. The best part, however, is: if you run out of turkey, it is easy to just substitute the meat!

Students at this class will receive a recipe booklet, eat both soups at the end of the class, and take home some of each soup.  Sounds delicious right?! Sign up for the class here

Don’t forget, The Cauldron Food School also offers knife skills class, chicken cutting, pastry decorating, vegan cooking, canning workshops, and some special Halloween classes this month. Visit Cauldron Events to see the latest line up of classes.

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