Success: Canning at The Cauldron

Jars boiling in the Cauldron
Jars boiling in the Cauldron
Cauldron boil, toil, and bubble,
Make our fruits, soft and supple,
Preserve our veggies, through and through,
Winter is coming, we'll need the food. 

Several lucky Cauldron Food School students toiled last night in the Cauldron Kitchen and learned how to make peach and poblano chutney and plum kolsch beer bbq sauce. Our Dave Neil lead students through the steps on how to make these delicious preserves. Each student took home several jars of their own product and thoroughly enjoyed slicing, peeling, charring, measuring, weighing, boiling, reducing, chopping, grinding, blending, straining, pouring, learning, chatting, mixing, sipping, and preserving.

Here is what they did:

The evening had a delightful start with delicious snacks to whet the appetite, and fuel the intense cooking. With a recipe in hand, and all the right equipment, students jumped into each task with gusto. During cooking times we took breaks to clean and sip a cold beer while the heat made our food invincible to spoilage.

Here is how it happened:

We thank all the students who joined us in this really fun class. We had lots of good laughs, tasted some wonderful things, and enjoyed each other’s company. We invite you to return.

The Cauldron Food School is hosting more of these canning workshops and all you have to do is visit our Cauldron Events page to sign up. We update it with new classes and canning themes often, so keep visiting us.

This Thursday is our famous Chicken Cutting 101 class. Sign up today with a friend because we need a minimum of 5 to make this class happen.

Here is some raw video footage of last nights class:

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